Have you ever wondered how to read a nutrition label or wanted to know how to cook a healthy dinner for your family? Check out our exciting activities from classes to food demos and events and learn how to eat better for less!


Our Community Educators teach free, interesting (and fun!) nutrition classes on topics such as healthy eating, basic cooking skills and grocery store savings. If you are looking to take a class check out our offerings here.


Nutrition is part of everyday life...almost every gathering of people has food involved! We participate in many community events from health fairs to community celebrations. We are part of your community! Find out where we'll be next!

Food Demos

It’s fun to taste a roasted beet and find its sweet flavor surprising or taste a delicious dish…made with black beans, which you were sure you disliked! That’s what food demonstrations are all about. Each demonstration is paired with a nutrition lesson by a Community Nutrition Educator.

Are You an Agency?

Are you an agency interested in a series of classes or learning more about what our program can offer you? Explore our variety of options here.

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Story Spotlight

A BIG Thank You!

Our Community Nutrition Educator Kim received a BIG thank-you note from students at Watervliet Elementary!

Agency Spotlight

Ravena Public Library

We recently participated in the library's Wellness Night where we met a lot of wonderful folks. Recipes for our Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip were flying out the door all evening--with just 3 ingredients, it's ready in less than 5 minutes!