Alice Henneman


Beets are deep red, or white in color. Sugar is produced from one variety (Sugar Beets) and the red color is used in food coloring.

How to Select

Choose beets with firm, smooth skins and non-wilted leaves if still attached. Smaller ones are more tender.

How to Store

Cut tops off 1 inch above root. Wrap leaves & stems in damp paper towel. Refrigerate tops & beet roots in separate plastic bags with some air holes. Use tops within a few days. Beet roots can last 1-2 month.

How to Prepare

Rinse tops. Scrub beets softly in cold water. Use tops as greens by chop in salad& stir- fries. Eat raw by grate beets in salads. Steam, microwave or boil until tender, slice & stir-fry.